v62.0.0: Magenta Anarchist Turtle

Weekly release issued on February 13th, 2020.


Gridviews editor

With the Studio, you just have to select some stories from your application to create a clean pdf 🤩 or a digital wall 📺.

Don’t need to thing about the layout 📐, we take care of it for you.

Learn more about the executive summary.

Learn more about the datawall.

Custom language by application

Before locales were defined at the platform (or instance) level. With this week release, you can now configure which language your users can pick from.


Use users info in templating

We added the very useful user variable to the set available in <% %> tags.

user variable

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Datawall & ExecSum :: Brand new interface to configure datawall & executive summary
  • Templating :: Users :: Create user variable to use in templating syntax
  • UX :: Studio :: Darken editable element on hover (home)


  • Login :: Fix error message when re-seting password

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Data :: VQB :: Remove __VOID__ entries in VQB queries
  • UX :: Data Source Modal :: Fix the closing button when domain name is too long
  • User Management :: Creation :: Fix error message when user already created


  • Charts :: Linechart (legacy) :: Avoid width badly computed in some cases
  • UX :: SmallApp Menu :: Capitalize Toucan Toco’s vocabulary like Home or smallApp
  • UX :: Old home :: Fix actions buttons design (send by pdf, executive summary)
  • UX :: Tiles :: Fix long label display

New documentation available

  • Executive summary :: Create doc with new interface
  • Datawall :: Create datawall doc


  • Laputa vXX.X.X:
  • Tucana vXX.X.X: