Weekly release issued on December 17th, 2020.



Toucan now integrates an alert feature to quickly notify users when a threshold or goal is reached on a dataset 🔔

By quickly notifying your users when your performance reaches a threshold, you enable your teams to make the right decisions at the right moment.

You can read more about it right here.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Mapchart :: get chart selection and crossfilter selection from url
  • Story :: Crossfilters :: enhance UI to configure crossfilter charts
  • Embed :: export CTA to embedded dashboards and improvements
  • Alerts :: General availability
  • Charts :: Leaderboard :: new drill configuration UI
  • User Management :: Admin :: visual hint that admins are not editable
  • Embed :: Dashboard :: display spinner while publishing and done when published successfully
  • Charts :: Linechart :: allow sentiment zone with templating
  • Data :: VQB :: allow to use live domain in new query from scratch path

End Users

  • Requesters :: Date :: allow intermediary values in hierarchical requester in header

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Embed :: the edited config of a tile is correctly saved
  • Embed :: do not crash when setting view but without data


  • UI :: Requesters :: fix tags update with the right value
  • Charts :: Mapchart :: fix opacity display
  • Charts :: Heatmap :: display pack names on update
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: fix scroll on ios

New documentation available

  • Data :: basemaps doc refacto
  • Tuto :: Charts:: sparkline history query