v46.0.0: Josey Posey Canapey

Major release issued on February 21th, 2019.

Bug fixes

  • Charts
  • Leaderboard Centered Average Sparklines Legend
  • Variation and Sparklines legend height
  • Widget Score Card with Variaton
  • Mapchart unit and format when selecting marker
  • Studio
  • Data explorer actions aren’t croped
  • List in form new delete button
  • UX
  • Dataset Viewer Horizontal Scrollbar
  • Mobile Friendly Slider Filter
  • Comment Notification Redirection

New features

  • Charts
  • Tablechart’s links now open in another tab
  • Heatmap handle better long labels
  • Studio
  • Background Overlay in new Home
  • Tile Value define sentiment from another column
  • Automatic Preprocess enable by default on all new project
  • UX
  • New Tooltips in forms
  • Group option for report/view requester
  • Display error messages when Home fails to be saved
  • Upload assets images display error message when asset too large

New documentation available

  • Tuto Data Formation
  • Conceptor
  • BubbleChart Quadrants
  • Table Chart in reference mode
  • Tiles Common Options
  • Regroup and move old Studio tutorial
  • Warning on dangerous heatmap options
  • Clarification of our Method and its terms