v28.3.0: Incredible Cayman

Major release issued on March 29th, 2018.

A lot of the work has been focused on the studio, that will be soon available to you. Be patient, it’s almost here :)

Your feedback is always very important to us, let us know what you think and don’t forget discourse to notify us of a bug or to ask your questions about the product.

Enjoy the read!

New Features Focus

Improvements on the Radar chart

Responsive behavior: Parallel plot

We’ve added a responsive behavior to the radar chart. If the number of axises is above 8 (5 on mobile) the radar is instead displayed as as scrollable parallel plot as it can be diffcult to read the graph with that many data points.

No configuration is needed for this, this is now the default behavior when too many axises are present.



Single point display improved

We also improved the way an isolated point is displayed.

Improvements on the Table chart

We’ve added new options to the table chart:


You can now highlight some row by displaying a color marker on the left of your row:

Table chart highlight screenshot

Table chart highlight screenshot

data/highlighted: See the `highlighted`documentation for more information. In the tablechart the highlight will be rendered as a contour around highlighted rows.


You can now display packed rows for better readability

Table chart packs example

Table chart packs example

packs: name of the column containing your packs

All New Features

New features

  • Charts :: Add various new options to tablechart
  • Feature :: Add links to github files from files editor
  • Chart :: parallel plot
  • Design :: better integration for studio sheets
  • Fix :: Render a single point in radar
  • Feature :: Add suggestions for domain
  • Feature :: Handle default selection for checkboxes filter
  • Feature :: integration for data store explorer


  • Fix :: adminMode when &admin disappear
  • Fix :: Prevent mutation of front_config that added hidden to all slides
  • Fix :: add hidden to schema of slide of level 0
  • Fix :: No data correctly removed when data arrives
  • Fix :: Avoid console error with tiles
  • Fix :: Upper-middle requester width
  • Fix :: performance create story/chapter - delete story/chapter
  • Fix :: templating in tile-editor
  • Fix :: add default boilerplate for tiles and change condition to up…
  • Fix :: retrocompat waterfall


  • Misc :: Prevent monkey click on edit button
  • Fix :: Better experience when creating a story
  • Misc :: Dropdown for bgSize in tile-image
  • Fix :: Default dataRequest in Tile Editor