v47.3.0: Oh My Goddess

Minor release issued on March 20th, 2019.

Bug fixes


  • Target and value colors on the bullet chart are fixed
  • The transition of the labels is fixed on the horizontal barchart
  • Some charts used to display a white page when there was no data. Now all charts display a nice message.


  • Scorecard tiles now support precision


  • Homogeneization of filters width and height on desktop and mobile.


  • A user no longer needs to click twice on the menu to get a slide
  • A date is now displayed properly in the dataset viewer
  • When uploading a new datasource, the detected separator and encoding are directly saved

New features


  • The custom css is now tracked by git like every other config files
  • When editing a query, postprocess functions hints are available with the related documentation embedded with it


  • A status popover is now available on the small apps store to have directly all the information regarding the front-end and back-end versions, the status of the server…
  • Possibility to use information sent by IDP instead of those sent via SAML

New documentation available

  • How to convert a requester to integer
  • How to add comments in your queries
  • Add warning regarding the use of the Studio with Internet Explorer