Weekly release issued on July 23rd, 2020.


Create a complete PDF report

Need to create a pdf version with all your stories? We got your back!

Try using our awesome Complete PDF Report.

Connectors detailed documentation

Checkout our brand new connector documentation.

You’ll be guided step by step to create your data connection.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • BiB :: Aircall :: Redirect directly on the waiting page after creation
  • Charts :: Verbatim :: Migrate verbatim to tablechart
  • Complete PDF report :: General availability
  • Complete PDF report :: Allow editing tiles in the gridview editor
  • ViewAs :: Make the user templating available in viewAs
  • Embed :: Add compact mode for Leaderboard
  • Charts :: Versus :: Allow domain option on versuschart
  • Filters :: Add new date range filter, not generally available, please ask support to test this brand new feature
  • Charts :: Barlinechart :: Add xLegend and yLegend options
  • Home :: Tiles :: Add the copy after the original when duplicating a tile, instead of adding at the end of the cat
  • Config-editors :: Remove navigation in studio-toolbar
  • Scheduler :: Throttle scheduled notifications to avoid spamming users (1/day for scheduled email, 1/week for scheduled pdf report)

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • VQB :: Unregister the vuex vqb module on destroy
  • Add data :: Don’t add and remove a dom node concurrently
  • Charts :: Mapchart :: Add mapbox in allowed tile providers
  • Data :: Never re-use existing a dataset id
  • User Management :: Fix user moving in the list when updated
  • Data :: Datasources :: Fix green outline around live data domain in Data Explorer
  • Home :: Tiles :: Enable scroll in tile editor datasets viewer
  • Charts :: Fix zerobaseline validation schema
  • Datawall :: Put timer input as a number


  • Embed :: Set embed titles’ background color to white
  • PDF Report :: Fix preview
  • Tiles :: Scorecard :: Display null values properly in score card
  • Charts :: Barchart :: Correct data-serie-index of ordered groups
  • Charts :: Barlinechart :: Correct data-serie-index of ordered groups
  • Home :: Export :: Home tiles should not be cropped in PDF export

New documentation available

  • How to :: Notifications :: Add info about scheduling notifications
  • Data :: Add connectors detailed page


  • Tucana v71.0.2:
    • fix(story): templated description in requesters tab
    • fix(gridviews): correctly scale tablechart in execsum
    • fix(story): charts were not connecting to story store
    • fix(execsum): pages number
    • fix(tiles): remove scoped css to fix ValueTile unit fontsize
    • fix(execsum): pages number
  • Tucana v71.0.1:
    • fix(embed): TileValue is rendered correctly
    • fix(small-app): catch error when loading renamed url app
    • fix(embed): Displays the story correctly on safari
    • fix(linechart): change click to select behavior
    • fix(lca): safari ios display with long labels and variation