v44.4.0: Helpless Supernova

Minor release issued on February 6th, 2019

For onpremise customers who need to upgrade their stack only


We migrate the MongoDB backend from 3.4 to 3.6. If you manage yourself the MongoDB installation and configuration (when “mongo_flag: disable”) please refer to the official documentation to upgrade your backend. If you use the Toucan Toco shipping script to manage the MongoDB installation and configuration (when “mongo_flag: enable”), everything will be upgraded auto-magically.

New features

  • Studio
  • Add checkboxes filter type to studio
  • rename placeholders in widget schema
  • UX
  • Tooltip for Forms
  • Backend
  • move to MongoDB 3.6
  • refacto :: UserManager is dead, long live DatabaseManager

Bug fixes

  • Studio
  • Fix sheet heights and meta form when from another column
  • Wrong font for studio sheet name
  • Placeholder integration in edit in place mode