v65.1.0: Lime Tin Sardine

Weekly release issued on April 20th, 2020.


Add videos in your tutorials

App tutorial is a great way to welcome users for their first time on an application. You can now add welcome videos from different providers very easily!

To learn more about the tutorials, check our documentation

video tuto

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Data :: Permissions :: Prevent duplicate user's in permission readable format
  • Tutorials :: Allow videos in app’s tutorial
  • UX :: Permissions :: Improve dropdown design

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Gridviews :: ExecSum :: Update filters/requester message wording


  • UX :: Bulletchart :: Fix cropping issues
  • UX :: Presentation mode :: Fix slide scroll on IE when attending a presentation
  • UX :: Embed :: Fix border color on slider filter
  • UX :: Tutorial :: Use client colors in the tutorial

New documentation available

  • Tuto :: How to add videos to your tutorials


  • Laputa v65.1.1:
  • Camouflage :: bump to v2.47.1
  • Tucana v65.1.1:
  • Heatmap :: Fix typo to use the target’s unit instead of the value’s
  • Tucana v65.1.2:
  • Camouflage :: bump to v2.47.1
  • Tucana v65.1.3:
  • Bubblechart :: better management of default selection
  • Tucana v65.1.4:
  • Fix :: Embed :: view without completeObjectMode
  • Tile Editor :: Fix equality comparison with void
  • Tucana v65.1.5:
  • TileDataWarehouse :: avoid multiple updates while data is being fetched
  • Tucana v65.1.6:
  • Fix :: many requests in tile editor
  • Tucana v65.1.7:
  • Restore images on tiles
  • Tucana v65.1.8:
  • Handle edge cases to prevent useless data fetches on home
  • Slide recommendation templating on mobile