v60.0.0: Acid Citra Chinook

Monthly release issued on January 30th, 2020.



On-boarding and retention are key for a Toucan Toco application. With the new notifications interface, we make it very easy to stay in touch with your users 📫.

Customize your communication for your users in no time ✉️.

Choose the right words for each application and make sure your users are getting the best out of their data storytelling.

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Add to home screen

With the latest iOS updates, we had some mobile display issues.

Before adding your app to your home screen, make sure to click on aA, on the top left of your screen.

From there select “request desktop website” and you’re all set. 📱



New features

Data Storytellers

  • Data :: Connectors :: Connect to new OAuth connectors with Bearer

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Data :: Copy paste :: Update naming convention


  • Charts :: Barchart :: Fix broken selection of bars
  • Home :: Reports :: Restore Hierarchical Report Value from URL

New documentation available

  • Tiles :: modify stars display

Self-Hosted Breaking changes

We completed a series of improvements on our backend Docker image.

  • It is much smaller and we strive to make it pass static security scans.
  • All the configuration states can be passed via environment variables (no need to mount a config file anymore).
  • The features requiring taking screenshots of Toucan pages are supported by a new separate image.
  • All this documentation was updated accordingly, please read before you deploy.


  • Tucana v60.0.1:
    • Hotfix :: linkTo :: set requester value from hierarchical value
    • Hotfix :: use the same style than new tile leaderboard
  • Tucana v60.0.2:
    • Fix :: requester default value
  • Tucana v60.0.3:
    • Fix :: bullet chart target should not overflow
    • Fix date selector position for iOS 13
  • Tucana v60.0.4:
    • Fix :: imports in es5 files and remove legacy barline chart
    • Fix :: PerformanceMark API is not supported on iOS 10
  • Tucana v60.0.5:
    • Fix :: connector interface on slow network
    • Fix :: Table Chart :: hide scroll cues on print
  • Tucana v60.0.6:
    • Fix :: Charts :: Improve linechart values legibility
    • Fix :: table-chart :: add packs order
  • Tucana v60.0.7:
    • Hotfix :: make TcTc work on IE
  • Tucana v60.0.8:
    • Hotfix :: Send email button
    • VQB :: enable everywhere for real
    • Login :: Handle expired account error
    • Hotfix :: make TcTc work on IE
  • Tucana v60.0.9:
    • Hotfix :: Additional panel glossary terms with templated strings
  • Tucana v60.0.10:
    • Hotfix :: Disable HKPI limit with a hidden config
  • Tucana v60.0.11:
    • Fix home buttons on old home
    • Enhancement :: remove report search bar when is not needed