v49.0.0: Boysenberry Bunny Bounty

Minor release issued on April 11th, 2019. 🌑 [Subtitle, what characterize the week?] 🌑

Breaking changes


Breaking Change: Admin can send email to invite user when they create the user, or they can re-send it afterwards.

New features


  • Tiles :: tile preview compress and expand buttons
  • Charts :: add defaultSelected to additional charts: mapchart, barchart, barlinechart, bubblechart
  • Operations :: handle NaN seconds in the status operation messages
  • Operations :: spinner for preprocess/refresh is actually spinning only during the preprocess/refresh time


  • Mobile :: hide admin actions in the store on mobile. Instance settings and user management are only available from a desktop
  • Mobile :: fixes the sparkline zoom on mobile on the sparkline of the score card; in safari mobile
  • Mobile :: protect horizontal bar chart layout on mobile, VARS parameters do not apply on mobile

Bug fixes


  • Fix :: saml2’s mapping.nameId is now a jq filter. Find more about it from this tutorial
  • Fix :: add collection user-groups-permissions to duplicate smallapp. When you duplicate a smallapp, permissions are now copied!
  • Fix :: set Europe/Paris timezone in docker container => New docker images will have Europe/Paris as default timezone. On-premises customers will still be able to override it at runtime (docker run -e TZ=XXX).


  • Collaboration :: only displays a warning message if its the current story that has been edited
  • Charts :: story Editor sheet wasn’t passing down the current edited story to tc-sheet
  • Charts :: bulletchart displays meta
  • Charts :: for the leaderboard the bar was taking all the available width (on desktop) instead of leave the space to display the value
  • Charts :: a second dataset was created with the name my_dataset that was already used and causing error messages

New documentation available

  • Reference documentation is created directly from the charts schemas, no more differences!