v28.0: Wild Canal Scarlett Barbershop

Major release issued on March 6th, 2018.

New Features

Home Studio

Disclaimer : A minimum config has to be present in front_config to activate the new home (why ? old dashboard are still supported)


home: (that key already exsits before)
  skipToReport: 0
  title: 'test'
  categories: [] (that is the game changer !)

What can I do in this new home ?

You can add a category with a title and subtitle, there are :

  • Editable
  • Deletable

4 tiles are available for the moment :

  • Tile Value (replace widget-value AND widget-value dynamic)
  • Tile Text (replace widget-text AND widget-text-dynamic)
  • Tile Image
  • Tile Horizontal-barchart (replace widget-leaderboard without target options and variations for the moment)

These tiles are :

  • Draggable (with button resize 😉)
  • Editable
  • Deletable

I edit my tile

My tile editor is opened (same as slide editor)

I fetch some data

Then I configure my tile-horizontal-barchart

Finally, I save my config and tada 🎊

Known issues

  • Title / Subtitle edition doesn’t always work
  • Can’t interpolate with a dataset called default, you have to rename it


Get data from more place thanks to support for OAuth1 authentication in the REST API connector.

    name: "<api_provider>"
    type: "HttpAPI"
        baseroute: 'https://gabba.gabba.fr/api/'
            type: 'oauth1'
            args: [

Important fixes

Duplicate / Create small app

It is now working well, with better feedback in case of error !