v32.0: Boa Chartreuse Daffodil

Major release issued on June 6th, 2018. This week we focused on users and data processing.

New features Focus

Users administration

We made it easier for administrators to manage Toucan users creation and edition. We’ve improved the UX and now provide better feedback on the action you perform. In addition a number of rules have changed:

  • All usernames now need to be emails
  • You can no longer edit user privileges for all small apps

Data preprocessing

For our new pipeline processing, 2 new features have been developed :

Unique data source processing

You can now target the data source or the domain you wish to update. A complete preprocess is not required.

in the data explorer pane to target a loaded domain

Data explorer

Data explorer

or in the data sources pane to target a data source

Data sources

Data sources

Unique data source index computation

Indexes are used to improve the performance of you queries in Toucan Small Apps. You can now compute them independently for each loaded domain after a preprocess.



We have tighten connection rules (on our infrastructure, and if you activated failed to ban rules in your on-premises instance): we changed the connection blacklisting rule from 15 retries every 2 minutes to 5 retries every minute.


This week, we mitigated the CVE-2015-9251 and CVE-2016-10707 vulnerabilities.

Other New Features

New features

  • Feature :: Bubblechart: you can now configure dynamic quadrants and custom bissectors Bubblechart custom bissector


  • Security :: Upgrade libraries to mitigate vulnerabilties
  • Security :: reduce number of failed login tries before blacklisting
  • Fix :: Bubblechart: legend design
  • Fix :: Linechart: indicator position on mouseover
  • Fix :: Chart selection dropdown won’t close