Weekly release issued on July 29th, 2021.


Slack integration

We constantly strive to make your data actionable. We want to put data at the center of your discussions and make it a real collaborative asset. What could be better than receiving your data stories in a familiar environment that your colleagues already use multiple times a day?

Send alerts, comment on stories, or receive your PDF reports in any of your Slack channels in just a click (ok maybe two or three…). Share Toucan insights within your whole organisation!

Linechart sentiment zones

Context is key to understand data. 12 means nothing by itself, you can only know if it’s good or bad through comparison. Take a child’s growth curve for instance: the important thing is to know if your kid is within the average growth rate. With this month’s release you can set dynamic coloured zones to better understand a trend.

Tiles loading

We take the topic of performance at heart, here at Toucan. The whole team is focused on improving our current capabilities to retrieve a larger amount of data and on providing your users with the best experience.

The first step towards this is improving the experience when loading many tiles on a home page. You users will now enjoy a spinning visual while tiles are loading to make them wait. Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

Send home improvements

The home page is key in your data storytelling experience. It’s a clean summary of your most important indicators with contextual media. It’s a pedagogical tool that makes your data easier to understand. So why not share it ?

In this release you can now share your home to Slack and MS Teams, but also schedule it from the Automations menu. Align your teams and educate more people!

New features

Data Storytellers

  • YouPrep™ :: Add warning when over 10k
  • Notifications :: Pdf report :: Add warning tooltip when downloading
  • Charts :: Linechart :: New Sentiment zone option
  • Embed :: Support checkboxes & dateRange filter/requester
  • Studio :: Add slack to Alerts + Comments + automation tasks (pdf report)

Bug fixes


  • YouPrep™ :: Add thisSemester and lastSemester
  • Studio :: center the logo on desktop
  • Charts :: Linechart :: Use smart number of readable ticks in the X axis