v58.0.0: Equity For Punks

Weekly release issued on November 28th, 2019.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Bulletchart :: Add the new bullet chart from the chart selection menu
  • Demo :: Add the execSum to the demo application
  • Demo :: Use of the new bulletchart in the demo app


  • Charts :: Bulletchart :: Improving UX and design for the bulletchart

Bug fixes


  • Charts :: Linechart :: Axis should not be truncated when there is an HKPI
  • Annotate & Share :: Fix breaking interface
  • Charts :: Funnel :: Add margin so the legend of the variables of the funnelchart is easier to understand
  • Charts :: Bulletchart :: Prevent scale errors with no complement or NaN values

New documentation available

  • Charts :: Bubblechart :: Add quadrant configuration to tutorial


  • Laputa v58.0.1 (November 28th)
  • Stories with two charts (master/slave) are exported correctly in full size
  • Tucana v58.0.1 (November 28th)
  • Reflect changes to sendEmailPassword API
  • Tucana v58.0.2 (November 29th)
  • Small app on-boarding tutorial can now use translations
  • Tucana v58.0.3 (December 3rd)
  • Fix report title in pdf export of the home of a small app
  • Typo in “switch to code mode” button
  • Better alignments and sizes in value tiles