v54.3.0: Neon Raptor Breakbeat

Weekly release issued on 02/10/2019.


Chart renaming

Please welcome the Media chart! It replaces the good old text chart. It’s the perfect chart to display pdf, html, or even embed something directly in Toucan. Give it a try!

We also renamed the horizontal barchart into leaderboard to make it clearer that this chart should be used for ranking purposes.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Home :: Schema :: Update view form builder for hierarchy option
  • Charts :: Media :: Rename “Text chart” to “Media chart”
  • Charts :: Leaderboard :: Rename “Horizontal barchart” to “Leaderboard”


  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: Units can vary with packs option

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • General :: Fix scroll on instance settings interface on monthly instances


  • GDPR :: Fixes several aspects of the UX of the GDPR footer after some feedbacks
  • Stories :: Fix chapter and subchapter long titles display on mobile
  • Stories :: Fix requester intialization and update of dependencies
  • Tiles :: Scorecard :: Value and units should be displayed on one line on mobile
  • Tiles :: Leaderboard :: No more big margin if the tile is set to auto height
  • Charts :: Dropdown :: Dropdown selection now shows in full if used on multiple charts
  • Charts :: Legend :: Units and precision for meta information are now displayed in the legend

New documentation available

  • Data :: Specifier :: Add how to use financial display