Weekly release issued on Thursday 24 February, 2022.


AnyConnect™ - HTTP Data Service

  • Increase performance of live data queries
  • Cache as much as possible extracted data
  • Enable Multi-tenancy in the data service to better handle load and be able to scale the service up or out

AnyConnect™ - Google Sheet - 1 click authentication

  • The connection is now “One-click”

Storytelling Studio - Media Chart

The Media Chart, a WYSIWYG editor to create rich text layout with images without HTML knowledge. You can find the documentation here

media chart

media chart

Toucan Bot on MS Teams Appstore

  • Toucan Toco bot is officially part of MS Teams appstore.
  • We followed all Microsoft requirements for a minimum configuration, maximum security and time optimization.

You can read the following documentation.

msteams chart

msteams chart

New features

Data Storytellers

  • My Favorites :: Add tutorial for my favorites
  • Chart :: New chart :: Media Chart
  • AnyConnect™ :: HTTP Data Service
  • AnyConnect™ :: Google Sheet :: 1 click authentication
  • AnyConnect™ :: Use graphical interface for all SQL connectors
  • Chart :: Lazy option to dropdown filter config
  • Embed :: Append completeObjectMode for dashboard filter
  • Charts :: Circularchart :: Add animations

Bug fixes


  • Users :: Show Bulk upload error
  • Charts :: PDF report :: HTML is now working on Title and subtitle
  • Charts :: Specifiers :: Wrong translation for ‘Switch to simple’ / ‘Switch to advanced’ configuration
  • Charts :: Translate the date selector labels for the end user
  • Analytics :: Fix refresh data when no user groups
  • Toucan :: Ms teams :: Handle deleted teams

Spotted bug - Fix in progress


[TCTC-2005] Additional Panel: Export data is not working



[TCTC-2005] :: Additional panel : Export data is now working.
[TCTC-2008] :: Charts : Circular-chart : Fix infinite loop on live data with filters.
[TCTC-2024] :: Connector : Fix Redshift connector.


[TCTC-1986] :: Embed :: dashboard builder : Checkboxes requesters are not breaking the query anymore


[TCTC-2026] :: Report and Date requesters : Keep the data order and revert change in requester groups [TCTC-2071]] :: Tablechart : Should be able to add multiple sentiments


[TCTC-2151] :: Should not redirect on forgot password page [TCTC-2151] :: PDF Report : Apply filters on stories and tile


[TCTC-2132] :: Charts :: Fix sentiment filter. [TCTC-2119] :: Date requester :: Assign value to all time variable.
[TCTC-2182] :: Stackedbarchart with lines :: display line when labels are dates.
[TCTC-2197] :: Avoid closing panel when it is already closed.
[TCTC-2191] :: Display app requesters that have empty value property in the dashboard.