v29.0.0: Holistic Mahogany Petrol

Major release issued on May 16th, 2018.

This week, we have focused on drilling and the improvement of our cartography features As always, your feedback is very important to us, share your thoughts with us and don’t forget discourse to notify us of a bug or to ask your questions about the product. Enjoy your reading!

New Features Focus

Hierarchical dataset: Drilling made easy!

  • What is it? Hierarchical dataset is data that contains a drillable context (If I click on this region I have access to the split by departments)
  • Why? Before hierarchical dataset drill was present in Toucan charts but the configuration was different in each case (bubblechart, waterfallchart, horizontal barchart, map) and sometimes not so easy.
  • How? Hierarchical dataset is now used in the horizontal barchart and the map. Head over to the documentation to understand how this works

Cartography: faster, better, stronger maps!

  • You can now upload your own maps with the Studio (in the Data Sources Pan)!
  • Toucan maps will now perform (even more :) ) better (speed of display, transitions, mobile experience…)
  • Maps can use hierarchical datasets, so if you want to add a drill to you map, just configure a hierarchical dataset (cf doc)
  • Custom maps: now your maps don’t have to be georeferenced to be used in Toucan (for instance shop or buildings maps can now be used on top of countries/regions/etc.)

If you feel like making a map but don’t know where to start don’t miss our tutorial!

User interface at scale

  • The user interface has been revamped : it now perfoms faster (don’t you worry about searching through your 10,000 users to grant Mr Jack admin access) and is easier to use (action feedbacks and ease of access).

Other features

  • Charts :: Add option domain to bullet chart
  • Charts :: Add labelsDomain option to new-barlinechart
  • Feature :: Bubblechart color parameter can be a category