v47.2.0: Creepy Purring Cat

Minor release issued on March 13th, 2019. 🌑 rrrrrrr I am your creepy cat rrrrrrr 🌑

Bug fixes


  • We fixed several issues in the bullet chart legend: wrong position, bad scroll
  • We fixed the text PDF screens’ height on mobile (before the height was too small)

New features


  • We modularized the javascript of the front end by splitting the libraries (vendors.js) using native webpack chunks. That should improve the performance slightly.
  • We did some groundwork to prepare for the embed


  • It is now possible to inject javacript scripts in a small app using a JS asset (managed by an admin). Before, it was only possible to do that via customHtml.

New documentation available

  • How to customize your tile’s visibility
  • How to lead a good kick off
  • How to add a tutorial
  • Revamped documentation on FTP configurations
  • displayHumanFriendlyDates for app date requesters
  • Enhancements of on-premises documentation