v45.0.0: Crispy Seasoned Cauliflower

Major release issued on February 12th, 2019.

Breaking changes


Breaking Change : restricted access to assets. Assets can only be accessed by authenticated users

Security improvements

  • Access to assets restricted to authenticated users

Bug fixes

  • Charts
  • Leaderboard packs visible even when only one is present
  • Horizontal barchart doesn’t crop its legend text
  • Studio
  • Data explorer actions aren’t croped
  • Code editor’s comment shortcut works with AZERTY
  • UX
  • Energic Toucan color preset clearly separates negative/warning

New features

  • Charts
  • Mobile friendly scorecard
  • Mobile friendly legend
  • Selection rect visible on barlinechart with crossfilter
  • Studio
  • Renamed placeholders for better clarity
  • Requesters can be added using placeholders
  • UX
  • Groups in requester dropdowns
  • Improved & auto-hide toast message
  • Clearer message when an error occurs while editing a story

New documentation available

  • markdown for stars in tiles
  • Conceptor
  • mobile first design
  • removed candlestick charts
  • switch slopegraph to reference mode
  • modified iframe style for embed charts
  • switched verbatim to reference mode
  • switched waterfall to reference mode
  • switched timeline to reference mode
  • switched versus to reference mode
  • updated linkTo option
  • modified story parameters gif