v53.0.0: Trick Brew Ale

Major release issued on August 22th, 2019.

Breaking changes


Breaking Changes : data connectors interface and reorganization of small apps with drag and drop

New features


  • The timeline now supports multi language

Data preprocessing

  • There is a brand new interface to configure your data connectors easily


  • You can reorganize your small apps by drag and dropping them
  • The switch to “visual” mode icon has been changed
  • The tooltip has been enhanced to show links more clearly

Bug fixes


  • bullet chart should handle multiple axis precisions
  • ‘no data’ should work properly in a master-slave story

Data preprocessing

  • A bug in the ETL config model validation has been fixed (“KeyError: ‘data_sources’” or “maximum recursion”).


  • Fix a bit of padding in tooltips


  • Fix :: embed interface preview colors