How to :: configure the execsum


Disclaimer : This is a paid feature !


The execsum stands for “Executive Summary”, it’s here to give to our client a PDF printable summary of the app.

Select a few stories from your app to create a clean pdf.

The execsum is reusing existing charts with the ability to override some options in order to better customized your PDF.

When it’s configured, a button will be displayed at the bottom of the dashboards. Enter the recipient email and hop! It’s in his/her inbox.

By default, the PDF is generated with the current reports and date selectors values in the title.

Some advices

  • For a better user experience, we recommend not to exceed 8 charts by page (4 rows, 2 charts by rows).
  • 🔍 To see the result of your execsum without waiting for the PDF generation, you can access it at
  • Master/slave and double charts are not available in the execSum
  • Keep in mind that story with filters won’t be usable on paper 🤔
  • Don’t forget to push to production your changes


This block of configuration lives into the front_config.cson file, at the same level as settings for example.

Mandatory config options

  • title:: Title displayed in the header
  • pages: It’s an array of rows, each object describe each PDF page in the same order.
    • rows: A row it’s a line on your page. It’s an array of tiles
      • tiles: Array of object which describe the tile:
        • id: Id of the chart to display

Available optional config options

  • source:: Source that will be displayed in the right bottom of the header
  • header::
    • backgroundOffsetY: Default to 250. Vertical offset of the header’s background
  • pages:
    • rows:
      • visibility: Define if the row is visible or not according to a condition
      • tiles:
        • visibility: Define if the tile is visible or not according to a condition
        • overrides: This object will override the displayed slide options (e.g: title, chartoptions, etc…)
      • size: Default to 1 Describe the height ratio of the row compare to the others


Execsum PDF

Image of execsum

Image of execsum


  source: 'Toucan Toco, 2019'
  title: 'Executive summary'
  pages: [
    rows: [
      visibility: "<%= == 'US' %>"
      tiles: [
        id: 41002
          title: 'Horizontal barchart'
            labelPosition: 'left'
        id: 40200
          title: 'Centered average'
      tiles: [
        id: 40401
          title: '<%= == \'Waterfall US\' ? : \'Other Waterfall\' %>'
        id: 40501
          title: 'Funnelchart'