v36.1.0: Yellow Gold Dachshund

Minor release issued on August 14th, 2018. 🌑 Exciting back side improvements are coming up this week 🌑

New features focus

Access wider Postprocess possibilities

The GoogleAnalytics connector is now part of the Toucan open-source connectors


Breaking Change : New behaviour !

This connector is not longer set-up by default : please make a support request to deploy them on your instance. Also, its configuration in the etl_config.cson file (DATA_SOURCES et DATA_PROVIDERS) has changed, and the former configuration is deprecated and no longer supported. Check out the documentation to set this up : https://github.com/ToucanToco/toucan-connectors/blob/master/doc/connectors/google_analytics.md)

Detailed features and fixes


  • Shipping :: mongo - service - always use our systemd config
  • Shipping :: api - allow to curl unsecure vhost


  • Tech :: update requirements
  • Feature :: update toucan-data-sdk