v31.0: Glorious Sun

Major release issued on May 30th, 2018.

Breaking Changes

Google spreadsheet from the Toucan’s repository

If you are using google spreadsheet from the Toucan Toco’s drive as data source, please read carefully. You have to change the account you’re sharing the file with. Please see the doc for more info.

New features Focus

As a conceptor, what actions do I need to take with this update?

User Page

We are in the process of redesigning the user page to enhance its usability. But we already have some cool stuff for you!

Download users list

You can now download the user list from the interface. You can simply click on the Download users base from the interface.

⚠️ the file CAN NOT be reused to build users in bulk (multiple users) - but don’t worry we are working on it.



Display additional user’s info

Add infos like by who and when an user is created and display them at username hovering. You can also now know the total number of users. ⚠️ only works on newly created users…

Easily add groups to a user



The DataWall

⚠️ this is paid feature, make sure to contact your sales representative for more informations.⚠️

The dataWall is like an animated exec sum. The dataWall is a single page outside the application, available via a button at the bottom of your home when configured, that display during a defined time (configurable) several pages with chosen charts. The dataWall is reusing existing charts with the ability to override some options in order to better customize your wall.

Color selector

Homogeneization of data-selector syntax for easier css targeting. Use the serieStyle option to do so.

All New Features

Breaking changes

  • Feature :: Download user base

New features

  • Feature :: DataWall
  • Users :: Groups selection
  • .jenkins_persist :: init
  • Feature :: grid view naming refacto
  • Feature :: Display Additionnal Infos on Users
  • Feature :: Homogeneisation color selector
  • Feature :: Download user base
  • Feature :: Use API module in grid view
  • Feature :: Add groupsStyle option to linechart


  • Fix :: Remove Subtitle in new-home
  • Fix :: tc-barlinechart labels scale computation
  • Fix :: validation schema new bubble
  • Fix :: Add json schema for serieStyle in radarchart
  • Enhancements :: charts selection in studio
  • Fix :: linechart spot line position vs mouse


  • Fix :: Add missing option in new-stackedbarchart docstring
  • Fix :: Restore deprecated mapchart zones validation schema
  • Feature :: Use API module in grid view
  • Camouflage :: Update camouflage version - v2.7.7 ==> v2.7.8