Weekly release issued on Wednesday 27th January, 2022.


On Top Of Redshift - Boosted connector

  • Easy connection to get started with Redshift in less than 2 minutes.
  • Multiple authentication modes management for you to choose between speed of implementation and level of security.
  • Native Redshift connector to be as secure and as performing as Redshift is.

Sharepoint - Combine similar files

We can now use Regular Expressions to fetch a list of files in folder … And easily append them (including their sheets) sharepoint similar

YouPrep™ improvements

Join improvement

Column names of the 2nd dataset appear in the dropdown of “Join based on column(s)”:

youprep join

youprep join

Formula step improvement

Divisions with zero or null values now result in null values - the rest of the operations succeed:

youprep division

youprep division

Cumulative sum improvement

Multiple columns can now be summed in the same YouPrep step:

youprep cumulative

youprep cumulative

Concatenate improvement

We have added this possibility to concatenate string and column columns.

youprep concatenate

youprep concatenate

Hierarchical roll-up improvement

The Roll-up step only requires “Hierarchical columns (from top to bottom level)” as mandatory field

youprep hierarchical

youprep hierarchical

Embed performance

A massive rework has been done in order to increase the performances of the embed:

  • Better loading time that increase end-user experience.
  • Not having an impact on SEO for public portals.
embed performance

embed performance

New features

Data Storytellers

  • App Builders :: Datastore :: Add a loading gif and error message display
  • Embed :: A massive rework has been done in order to increase the performances of the embed
  • Embed :: Parent/children stories in Dashboard Builder
  • End Users :: French Translation for end users
  • Integration :: Allow multiple teams to be configured
  • Analytics :: Premium and Freemium :: New App
  • YouPrep™ :: Update some steps – check the Highlights section for more informations
  • AnyConnect™ :: Redhsift – check the Highlights section for more informations

Bug fixes


  • Charts :: Circularchart :: Improve label display
  • Charts :: Filter/Requester :: Handle usecase where filter value is null
  • My Favorites :: Apply complex visibility
  • Users :: Allow Small App invitation with groups privileges

Spotted bug - Fix in progress


[TCTC-1774] Date Range requester:: Date picker :: save button is not displayed


V 98.0.2

Analytics freemium and premium have been redeployed

V 98.0.3

Self-hosed specific: tc params substitution should still work in a docker image context.

V 98.0.4

[TCTC-1774] :: Date range requester: Date picker: apply the right theme color to the confirm button. [TCTC-1798] :: Dropdown requester: avoid to have extra space in formatted label. [TCTC-1780] :: Embed: improve management of the stage in dashboard.
[TCTC-1780] :: Embed: can select story in chapter with object visibility. [TCTC-1806] :: Embed: Tile can handle correctly extra variables. [TCTC-1807] :: Embed: can handle extra variables simple string with stringified

V 98.0.5

[TCTC-1814] :: Embed: fix internal async call

V 98.0.5

[TCTC-1859] :: Charts :: Correctly apply ,.2K precision on axis