v28.6.1: Aqua Tin Chow Chow

Major release issued on April 18th, 2018.

This week focus has been on making it easier drillable data sets.

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New Features Focus

Dataset drillable for Horizontal barchart

This new feature enables you to simplify the drill configuration, on the horizontal barchart. The objective is to use a hierarchy approach to build your chart dataset, and so to standardize the configuration for all drillable charts : today the horizontal barchart, and tomorrow the mapchart, the bubblechart, and the waterfall.

pays region departement value metric
France     65000000 population
France ile de france   12000000 population
France ile de france paris 3000000 population
France ile de france yvelines 1000000 population
Espagne     46000000 population
Espagne catalogne   7000000 population
Espagne catalogne tarragone 131000 population
Espagne catalogne barcelone 1600000 population
Luxembourg     590000 population
France     643801 superficie
France ile de france   12012 superficie
France ile de france paris 105 superficie
France ile de france yvelines 2284 superficie
Espagne     505911 superficie
Espagne catalogne   31950 superficie
Espagne catalogne tarragone 62 superficie
Espagne catalogne barcelone 100 superficie
Luxembourg     2586 superficie

Old configuration is still available, but will be deprecated. For your next drillable horizontal barchart, you’ll have to configure your chart as below :

Declare hierarchy columns

When making a data request, you can declare a hierarchy, from the top to bottom

hierarchy: ["country","region,"department"]

Adding dimensions columns

Often, more columns are used to identify a data row than just the hierarchy (for example you would like to filter on a specific metric). Therefore, all of them must be known in order to match them with the correct parent.

That’s why it’s necessary to declare in the dimensions list any column that is needed to find the correct parent:

  domain: "hierarchy_country"
hierarchy: ["pays", "region", "departement"]
dimensions: ["metric"]

For more info, read our awesome doc!

Chart improvement


You can now set up the hideEmptygroups in stacked-barchart.

Bubble chart

We observed that the difference betweeen the bubble size is more linked to the size of the bubble than its radius, so we resized the bubble based on its area.

All New Features

New features

  • Feature :: Dataset drillable
  • Feature :: hidden in JSONSchema
  • Add hideEmptyGroups option to new-stackedbarchart
  • Chart :: Bubblechart :: size scale map area, not radius
  • Feature :: checkbox filter now comes with a default selection

Breaking changes

None :)


  • Fix :: Score-card legend display
  • Fix :: geofeatures data join
  • Fix :: Translation report
  • Fix :: Various fixes and features for new-stacked barchart
  • Fix typo making groupsOrder fail in new-stackedbarchart
  • Fix :: widget heatmap display