v33.0: Preis Purple Phoebe

Major release issued on June 14th, 2018. This week we focused on data processing monitoring and performance. This releases contains breaking changes, if you have Toucan installed on-premises make sure to update both the front and back of your application.

New features Focus

Data processing operations

As an conceptor we now have a richer monitoring of current and past operations! operations history

  • All operations can now be cancelled with a single click
  • All operations history can be explored


We worked to improve Toucan performance when working with large sets of data:

  • Small Apps with large datasets, heavy assets can now be duplicated easily

  • The centered average leaderboard has been reworked to work with hundreds of items. More charts will follow up!

    Note: this feature is toggle by a lazy flag.

Other New Features

New Features

  • Feature :: Datasets with hierarchy in lazy mode can be filtered
  • Feature :: Ftp urls can be used in etl_config for basemaps mesh
  • Feature :: mobileSize option: use different sizes for different device size when multiple charts on a story


  • Fix :: Prevent checkboxes filter from autoclosing

Breaking changes

⚠️ This is a major release, this means breaking changes are upon us. However, only the internals between the backend and frontend have changed.

It is therefore very important to have the backend and frontend upgraded at the same version.