v50.0.0: Bi Ba Boo

Minor release issued on April 25th, 2019. 🌑 Custom email notification!!! 🌑

Breaking changes


Breaking Change : Custom notifications. notification :: allow customization of export email template You can now customize emails’ notifications by small-apps

New features


  • Charts :: dynamic commentaries! Start using templating in your commentary to display dynamic values
  • Charts :: just click on the commentary placeholder to edit the story parameters


  • Camouflage changes :: Requesters :: refactoring and simplification

Bug fixes


  • Collaboration :: you can now comment a story without report selector set up
  • Tiles :: you can know use string values in a scorecard and not only float or dates :)


  • Fix :: app Requesters style in header was not displaying correctly
  • Mobile :: search fields v-model for Android
  • Tiles :: Scorecard :: handle precision and unit for variations


  • Tech :: Bump camouflage to v2.25.0
  • Tech :: Ecmascript X is coming
  • Dev :: the return of storybook
  • Migration :: in front_config, change requester type “dropdown-search” in favor of “dropdown”
  • Tech :: Bump toucan-connectors to 0.13.0
  • Shipping :: backup - do not rsync potential vanished file metric
  • Shipping :: dedicated_services - add logrotate file for mongo