Weekly release issued on July 8th, 2020.

Breaking changes

  • Users :: Send a ISO date string, not an int, as createdAt


  • This week welcome the renaming of the “Executive summary” to “PDF report” 🔥

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Tiles :: Bullet :: Allow negative values and custom domain
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Support negative values in bullet cells
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Allow to hide search and labels header
  • PDF Report :: Confirmation modal when deleting scheduled pdf report


  • Charts :: Linechart :: Implement same behavior than in barchart and bubblechart, for default selected value
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Comment cell optionally expandable
  • BiB :: Aircall :: Redirect directly on the waiting page after creation
  • UX :: Dropdown :: Allow users to search by group name in the dropdown

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Scheduler :: Fix the save action scheduled from the pdf report
  • PDF report :: Fix autocomplete suggestions for multiple filter positions
  • Scheduler :: Hide operations section when scheduling from the pdf report
  • Assets :: Handle special characters when slugifying names
  • Permissions :: Force group name string type
  • UX :: Remove default blueprint background


  • Datawall :: Correctly display datawall preview
  • Tutorials :: Use main-brand color for button on hover


  • Tucana v70.0.2:
    • fix(charts): correct data-serie-index of ordered groups in barlinechart
    • fix(home): home tiles should not be cropped in PDF export
  • Laputa vXX.X.X: