v39.2.0: White Aluminium Saint Bernard

Minor release issued on October 10th, 2018.

New features

New Home

  • migrate video tile to the new home
  • Tile PDF is available
  • Tile Bullet is available on the new home
  • Tile heatmap is available on the new home


  • Live data can be used in the request sandbox (data providers and data sources can be defined directly in the sandbox)
  • Live data syntax is now homogen across all config files
  • Toucan boilerplates application now come with a simple permission boilerplate


  • localStorage warning if cookies are blocked (since it prevents the logging in the app)



  • Add crossfilter to new-stackedbarchart schema UX
  • Dataset viewer row count corresponds to the data fetched
  • Remove overflow scroll y on body
  • Data Explorer Metadata Actions display
  • Reduce value font-size of funnel chart
  • Requester with restrict visibility