Weekly release issued on September 4th, 2020


Prepare dataset

Always wanted to do some data prep before using data in your stories? Welcome the beta version of Toucan’s Data Prep tool 👏 With the look and feel of your favorite VQB, prepare your dataset before using them in your stories. Adjust data to your need and save time while creating stories.

Data Prep

Gantt chart

With this week release, we welcome a brand new chart!

The Gantt chart is THE chart for project management. See a full timeline of your projects and identify major events in a blink of an eye 🤩. Split projects into phases or compare to planned timelines to stay up to date with your on going tasks.


New user creation workflow

The user creation workflow has been revamped and we added a step regarding notifications settings. You can now create user in no time and control communication regarding application access 💌.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Studio :: Hide single choice dropdown for link to
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add stages view
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Create legend
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add packs
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add sentiments
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add sticky header and labels column + enhance design
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Create mobile version
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add items list in compact mode
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add compact legend
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add date to event tooltip
  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add tooltip with the date to the stages
  • Data :: VQB :: VQB can now populate availableVariables and delimiters from store
  • Data :: Data Explorer :: Better display for deleted domains and not yet preprocessed domains
  • Data :: Data Explorer :: Add toolbar to trigger actions and see status
  • Data :: Data Sources :: Plug download, edit and delete actions
  • Data :: Data Explorer :: Rework columns width
  • Data :: Data Prep :: Add edit and delete actions
  • Data :: Data Prep :: Show which dataset are preventing a dataset deletion
  • Studio :: Filters :: Have separate forms for each filter type
  • PDF Report :: Add a number of stories by page option
  • Scheduler :: Disable automatic task failed notification
  • Data :: Data Explorer :: Refresh meta data on refresh data
  • Data :: Data Explorer :: When saving a datasets, automatically scroll to it
  • Data :: Data Explorer :: Prevent selection of domain marked for deletion
  • Tiles :: Leaderboard :: Display a target value as a bullet
  • Analytics :: Remove deleted apps from analytics


  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: Display variation in legend
  • Charts :: Mapchart :: Improve unit display in legend

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Users :: Require at least one privilege to be created (Email, Password, User Privileges)
  • Scheduler :: Add link to cron documentation on the tooltip when using a custom delivery time
  • Charts :: Leaderboard :: Always display legend with drill
  • Data :: Data-explorer :: Rework for the display of deleted domains and not yet preprocessed domains
  • Data :: Data-explorer :: Align right columns for preprocessed and not yet preprocessed domains
  • Users :: Assign default privileges to users
  • Data :: Data Sources :: Fix error when saving a new domain name
  • General :: Toolbar Menu :: Hide dropdown after button click
  • Notifications :: Remove ‘Welcome platform’ from small app email templates

New documentation available

  • Gantt :: Tuto step by step
  • Gantt :: Add example in demo application
  • Verbatim :: Move verbatim example to tablechart chapter in demo app


  • Tucana v74.0.5:
    • fix(requesters): use description in hierarchical requester
  • Tucana v74.0.3:
    • fix(bubble-chart): drill and select events
  • Tucana v74.0.2:
    • fix(leaderboard): guarantee label order
  • Tucana v74.0.1:
    • fix(prepared-dataset): allow scrolling on steps list