v28.5.0: Turtle Peaceful Koala

Major release issued on April 11th, 2018.

This week focus has been on making it easier to edit Toucan Apps.

Your feedback is always very important to us, let us know what you think and don’t forget discourse to notify us of a bug or to ask your questions about the product.

Enjoy your reading!

New Features Focus

Datasources edition

Datasources can now be edited and deleted directly via the studio Data sources edition

Improvements on the Stacked Barchart

You can now display vertical bars Vertical bars

… positive / negative values Mixed values bars

And use it as a Net Promoter Score chart NPS bars

All New Features

New features

  • Feature :: datasources can now be edited and deleted directly via the studio
  • Chart :: stacked-barchart has been improved : you can now display vertical stackedbarchart, used it to display positive and negative values, as a NPS chart, etc.
  • Feature :: in the upload data pan you can now access your github files directly (link)
  • Feature :: the query editor now offers you suggestions of available domains you can choose from
  • Feature :: checkbox filter now comes with a default selection

Breaking changes

  • Fix :: breaking All asset names are slugified (shorten, with special characters removed automatically). Be sure to modify your configuration if you have assets with special characters.
  • Feature :: breaking change data By default the augment shall know use the pipeline syntax. If you need to keep using the old syntax you may need to contact Toucan Support Team


  • Fix :: the No data error message is now display / removed correctly
  • Fix :: default syntax in dataset is replaced by my_dataset(automatic replacements have been performed, if you have issues let us know)
  • Fix :: on-premises When updating your instance, if you have invalid small apps config the update will still be performed (before it would fail)
  • Fix :: upper-middle requester is now displayed with a new correct width
  • Fix :: when using dates in widget lines, a default adapted dateFormat is used


  • Misc :: Improvement of stories and chapter creation User Experience (performance)
  • Chart :: tablechart is now fast with numerous lines and columns