v28.7.0: Feisty Nighthawk

Major release issued on April 26th, 2018.

This week, new features and fixes focus strongly on improving design and visibility As always, your feedback is very important to us, share your thoughts with us and don’t forget discourse to notify us of a bug or to ask your questions about the product. Enjoy your reading!

New Features Focus

Design first !

  • Variations are now aligned on the right of the charts, to make sure it’s seen correctly new variations
  • A new font has been deployed on all charts, numbers are now spaced regularly new font
  • The new-stackedbarchart has a clearer background and frame new background for the stackedbarchart
  • Fix : the heatmap is automatically centered in the widget heatmap

New options available for charts

  • Add highlightManager to leaderboard-centered highlightManager
  • The packsOrder option to horizontal-barchart
  • The new-heatmap can scroll on labels

New error messages for a better understanding

  • Retrieve from repo offers now a range of options detailing the cases you’re experiencing Retrieve from repo messages
  • Working locally with git is easier : when you haven’t go through the security check after launching your frontserver, the error message will now tell you what to do Frontserver error message

A new way to set-up Connectors

  • When creating an instance, or deploying an existing one, you now have the possibility to add the connectors you need, among a wide range of connectors. It facilitates and makes quicker the connectors set-up.

All New Features

New features

  • Charts :: Add packsOrder option to horizontal-barchart
  • Feature :: improve remote indicator message
  • Charts :: Add highlightManager to leaderboard-centered
  • Charts :: variation text align to the right
  • Charts :: improved stacked integration
  • Charts :: new-heatmap can scroll on labels, scrolling is fluid
  • Feature :: Tabular fonts


  • Fix :: Add support for clipping url base in safari
  • Fix :: filter bottom-right width
  • Fix :: new-stacked-barchart renders in ie11
  • Radarchart display type is reactive
  • Fix :: widget heatmap chart position when small


  • Fix :: remove test doc
  • Feature :: (tech) add precommit coffeelint
  • Fix :: (tech) update yarn.lock with camouflage