v58.1.0: Stricking Yellow Frog

Weekly release issued on December 6th, 2019.

New features


  • Exports :: sending a story by email now captures the whole screen, including header information (selected view and date)

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: A new version of the linechart can be tested in the studio
  • Charts :: Bulletchart :: The first element is automatically selected
  • Story :: A new autoRefresh options is available in code mode, for use in conjunction with live data
  • Number formatting :: A new precision type K is available to use with monetary values, which uses the abbreviations K (thousands), M (millions) and B (billions) and T (trillions)

Bug fixes


  • Charts :: Fix panning on barchart in Internet Explorer 11

Data Storytellers

  • Visual query builder :: Sisable it for live data domains
  • Executive summary :: Fix report values for old home small apps
  • Studio :: Last rows of datasets are now visible by scrolling
  • Studio :: Multiple small fixes with dataset renaming


None yet