v54.0.0: Enchanted Vanilla Pancakes

Major release issued on September 5th, 2019.


📢 🚨 Recently, many users have received a new data notification email. This was not planned and we apologize for it.

What happened? The update of the demo app (available on all instances) sent out emails to the instance’s users. This notification is regarding the demo application only.

What’s next? The demo app update will not send any notification from now on, there will be no more unwanted notifications. We are currently working on this feature and will be providing a much better experience in the next few weeks.

For your users? Your users can discard this email. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them confirming we have been notified and the issue is fixed. Maybe take the opportunity to exchange on the app and verify that your own app is update 🙂

This has been fixed in v54.0.1 (September 6th, 2019)


Date granularity

Let your end-users go deeper in your dates with our multi-level selection. Drill down into your company history directly from the home page.

Easy to configure 🔦 Just follow our Studio interface to configure the date granularity in few clicks. Easy to use With our harmonized and intuitive design, you don’t need to train your end-users! 🤓


Improved searches

Try our new search behavior!

Type in letters to get a refined result and get your end-users to your information in no time. ⏲️


Publish and Notify

Just changing a title or modifying a source?

No need to reach out to all the users, turn off notifications on publish ⏸️


New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Bubblechart :: sentiment zones labels now have a tooltip, to display more info on hover
  • Home :: Date requester :: The date selector with granularity option has been greatly improved and supports any number of columns (previously just 2)
  • Data :: All connector types are available to configure in the Data > Connectors interface
  • General :: Toggle to enable or disable notification of users when publishing a small app
  • General :: Requesters’ results can be ordered with the order option, like the datasets (in code mode)
  • General :: Validators only see a preview of the small app in staging mode, and won’t see any edition button


  • Embed :: chart legends adapt to the size of the embed, and not to the size of the window
  • Charts :: Linechart :: a new version, in alpha, is being developed. Only available in code mode with the new-linechart chartType.
  • Home :: Search in dropdowns should be way more intuitive. Order and qualification of results is better according to the letters you type.

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • General :: Permissions in staging mode concerning a group are cleaned when the group is deleted
  • Data :: Dataset columns are suggested in a dropdown when editing units, precision and sentiment in complex mode
  • UX :: Tooltips don’t display over menu to download files
  • UX :: Studio sheets appear coming from the bottom of the screen, with a transition
  • Charts :: Sentiment :: Removing all bounds of a sentiment rule now deletes completely the sentiment configuration, as expected
  • UX :: Files grouped together (match: true) appear correctly in the Files interface
  • Data :: postprocess is now a valid option for the date selector and therefore displayed in the studio
  • UX :: Column names suggestions were failing if a column was named length. This is fixed, and now column names are based only on the first dataset row to improve performance.


  • UX :: Letters of navigation items (chapter, subchapter and story titles) are not selectable anymore
  • UX :: Date selector, when in the header of the small app, won’t exceed its space and will be ellipsed if too long.

New documentation available

  • Demo :: Text chart has been added in the demo small app
  • Notifications :: add info on email templates release
  • How to :: use granularity on multiple columns
  • Charts :: Media :: create tutorial
  • Charts :: LCA :: update usp page
  • Data :: Postprocess :: add the new if else postprocess doc


  • Laputa v54.0.1: Encoding parameter is not mandatory for parquet files (September 5th, 2019)
  • Tucana v54.0.1: Disable publish notifications by default (September 6th, 2019)
  • Laputa v54.0.2: When notifying that a small app has been published, only notify users who can actually access the small app (September 6th, 2019)