Weekly release issued on November 25th, 2021.


Mapchart : Exhaustive Legend

Set up an exhaustive legend in a few clicks and enable business users to see, search, rank, and compare all zones on their map; you’ll make it easier for them to get to the insights.

Mapchart : Enhanced Linear Scale

Easily create a custom gradient for your mapcharts and tell better geo-stories.

Simplified Date Selector

Configure date hierarchy, granularity, and limits in just a few clicks, dataset-free. Customize and control the date selection experience for the end-user with new customizable presets, default date selection, and improved relative date setup.

Paginated Data Interfaces

Visualize your entire dataset in Toucan. Find your data by referring to the page number, row range (e.g. 1 to 50, 51 to 100…), or position within the total number of rows anywhere in the app (Datasource, Connectors, Data Explorer, Tile/Story Edition…). No more preview display limits!

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Mapchart :: Legend + linear scale
  • Charts :: Add duplication for hkpi
  • Charts :: Do not show a chart that is still loading
  • YouPrep™ :: Paginated Data Interfaces
  • YouPrep™ :: Improve error messages
  • Studio :: Upload datasources :: only display the filename part of the datasource
  • Notifications :: New HKPI in PDF Report

Bug fixes


  • Charts :: Tablechart with quotes option enable by default
  • Charts :: Avoid rendering chart when there are missing required properties in the config
  • Embed :: Can disable sanitize html
  • Personal report :: Apply custom style on personal report