v61.0.0: Chaos Koala Ramp

Weekly release issued on February 10th, 2020.

Breaking changes

Additional Panel We decided to rename the settings panel into additional panel and regroup its configuration in the code mode edition.

Everything has been migrated for you, no need to to anything 🙌.

Check out the doc to learn more about it.

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Edit etl file

Having to use a text editor to manipulate your config files can be tricky.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that, just like the front config file, you can now directly edit your ETL file from the menu interface 🔥


New features

Data Storytellers

  • Data explorer :: You can now use a domain in the Visual Query Builder
  • Permissions editor :: Add check all / none button component
  • Embed :: Contributor can export embeds
  • Analytics :: Add usage rate


  • Charts :: Update details styles and simplify its components
  • Charts :: LCA :: Rework animations and bar layout
  • Charts :: LCA :: Create new chart version with better default configuration and mobile integration

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Data Request Sandbox :: fix the “so many rows warning”
  • Charts :: Map :: Set a default zoom when one marker
  • Studio :: Fix filter display in the story edition


  • Charts :: LCA :: Adjust the sparklines integration in the new LCA
  • Login :: Handle expired account error
  • Fix :: Studio Toolbar Position

New documentation available

  • Demo & templates :: Use new leaderboard centered average
  • Additional Panel :: Update documentation
  • How to :: Lead a kick off meeting (update)


  • Tucana v61.0.1:
    • Linechart (legacy) :: Avoid width badly computed in some cases
    • Fix :: remove VOID entries in VQB queries
    • SmallApp Menu :: Capitalize untranslatable words
    • Data Source Modal :: Fix the closing button when domain name is too long
    • Fix :: Template parse key