v66.0.0: Periwinkle Hula Hoops

Weekly/Monthly release issued on April 23rd, 2020.


New linechart with events

As you know we are working on a updated version of our linechart. This week we are proud to announce that this new linechart is now compatible with events 📅!

linechart event

Executive summary preview and download

From the home page, your users can now choose to download or send to multiple persons the executive summary 📄 . You want your pdf right away? No need to go through your email inbox! Try it yourself 🔥

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Linechart :: Implement smoothLine on new Linechart
  • Charts :: Linechart :: Implement events on new Linechart
  • General :: Deleted small apps will be gone forever


  • Gridviews :: Executive Summary :: New end-user toolbar to allow download and sending to multiple people

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Bubblechart :: Fix schema for colors
  • Home :: Tiles :: Fix editor preview
  • Grid views :: Executive Summary :: Fix height of the tile editor popup so it does not crop buttons


  • Charts :: Linechart :: Fix position and style of axis legends in safari
  • Charts :: Linechart :: Fix events width for a better display
  • Charts :: Funnelchart :: Fix color coding to match series definition

New documentation available

  • Demo :: Linechart :: Add example of new Linechart to demo
  • Get started :: Revamp of Get started section, remove guided exercises


  • Tucana v66.0.7:
    • Hotfix :: Tiles :: Handle arrays of date columns in tiles
  • Tucana v66.0.6:
    • Fix :: Header logo
    • Fix :: Tutorial modal with presentation button on mobile
    • Studio :: Update link to documentation
  • Tucana v66.0.5:
    • Fix :: HorizontalBartChart custom series colors with groups
    • Hotfix :: radarchart legend alignment in IE11
    • Hotfix :: add internal margin class specificity to horizontal barchart
  • Tucana v66.0.4:
    • Tile PDF :: Check iframe content to see if the viewer needs reloading
    • Fix :: Stacked barchart cropped on mobile
    • Fix :: horizontal bar chart average cursor cropped
    • Bar CHarts :: Fix align right at init (same for barlinechart)
    • tile-value :: fix bullet icon that have wrong hexacode
  • Tucana v66.0.3:
    • Studio :: Center action buttons of the commentary
    • Fix :: Use the client’s logo asset as settings header logo
    • Fix :: Dropdown hierarchical colors
    • Fix :: viewAs in the visibility in user mode
  • Tucana v66.0.2:
    • Fix :: Fakir switch color
    • Fix :: allow HTML chart to be scrollable
    • Fix :: Upload card title font -weight
    • Tiles :: Template linkto with data
    • LCA :: Adjust left value spacing when below average
    • Funnelchart :: Adjust variation positioning & remove duplicate labels
    • GridView :: Apply styles to existing container
    • Fix :: Tile editor preview visible change
    • Fix:: Tile editor postprocess templating
  • Tucana v66.0.1:
    • Missing technical dependency
  • Laputa v66.0.3:
    • Add admin permission required to upload custom auth providers
  • Laputa v66.0.2:
    • Hotfix :: renaming connector updates queries accordingly
  • Laputa v66.0.1:
    • bump peakina version