Weekly release issued on September 29th, 2021.


YouPrep™ on Top of Snowflake

  • A no code experience to select data from Snowflake without any SQL “SELECT * FROM” command to write: go through your schema, tables and views and select the columns you need!
  • YouPrep™ is now able to directly generate queries in SQL for you, as a result Snowflake now does all the hard data processing work and Toucan becomes as powerful as your warehouses!

User Roles: 2 new roles

We’ve decided to have 2 new sub-roles to fit companies needs around the App Builder rights:

  • 1 dedicated to Data Storytelling: She builds stories and tiles, customizes the App to fit her brand, and creates engagement managing Notifications. She is the Data Storyteller.
  • 1 dedicated to Data Management: She manages what data sources are input inside Toucan App, cleans and prepared it with YouPrep™, and manages permissions over it. She is the Data Master. This feature isn’t enabled by default, don’t hesitate to reach out to your CSM or Account Executive if you need that!

Mapchart: Display values on Zones

As we’re constantly improving our charts and their capabilities, it was time to add a new feature to our important one for us: the Mapchart! The ability to display values directly zones will allow our App Builders to create storytelling that fits their needs! It’s also “smart” as values are only displayed if there’s enough space: no overlapping nor collisions between them!

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Heatmap Tile :: Add yLabelWidth options
  • Security :: Enable SANITIZE_HTML by default
  • AnyConnect™ :: Improve the Snowflake connector (App builder)
  • Charts :: Mapchart :: Add value on zones
  • Users Management :: new contributor privilege
  • Studio :: Upload datasources :: New excel UI

Bug fixes


  • AnyConnect™ :: Display Save button on HTTP API connector
  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: No more browser freeze on stackbarchart edit
  • YouPrep™ :: use UTC utils for dates in remaining charts & features

Self-Hosted Breaking changes


The MongoDB backend migrates from 4.4 to 5.0

Please refer to the official documentation your Toucan Toco stack.

If you a use docker-compose stack, you only need to update the version of the MongoDB image and as an admin of the service, just launch:

    setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: '5.0'