v42.0.0: Purple Nasturtium Neon

Major release issued on October 30th, 2018 🌑 Live collaboration in the studio 🌑

Last week, we delivered a new way to collaboratively edit small apps, with multiple users simultaneously connected. Now, you can even see the modifications in real-time, without even refreshing the page!

Breaking changes


Breaking Change : Studio :: Update small app when modified on another client

Bug fixes

  • Charts
  • Vertical barchart :: Fixed the overlap when there are filters
  • UX
  • Security :: Logging out across multiple opened tabs
  • Offline :: Don’t clear saved data on password reset

New features

  • Charts
  • Maps :: Change marker default size
  • Stacked-barchart :: Add scrolling indicator
  • Studio
  • Live collaboration :: Update small app when modified on another client
  • New home
    • Tile Line :: Readability improvements
    • Execsum button
    • Logout button
    • Tile Heatmap :: size adustements when editing in the studio
  • UX
  • Reset password new design

New documentation available

  • Emails :: SMTP options
  • Sysadmin :: add tiny docker part