v47.1.0: Psychic Affable Toucan

Minor release issued on Match 7th, 2019. 🌑 [Hello, new Toucan!] 🌑

Bug fixes


  • We fixed the heatmap selection on mobile: a bug was preventing this chart to be the master in a master/slave configuration


  • “Supervisor_config - Restart all app processes” will now retry until the command is OK
  • We enhanced our backup scripts to support bigger mongo instances We now force directory permission on shared/db directory in case you use mongo in a container


  • We fixed a bug in in the dataset viewer: the query was not updated when clicking on ‘add this filtering to this query’ while filtering data We restored “lazyLoad” option in the horizontal bar chart available options (in code mode)
  • We fixed the “edit background” popup in the new home: adding a new background didn’t work anymore

New features


  • In data queries, you now have perfect autocomplete on domains, and on templated syntax (requesters, reports)
  • We enhanced the double/master chart use case when there is a second dataset to configure, you will directly see the “pick some data” option.
  • We did small usability enhancements in the charts configuration forms