v47.0.0: Plum High Wire

Major release issued on February 18th, 2019. 🌑 [Subtitle, what characterize the week?] 🌑

Breaking changes


Breaking Changes! Only for our HTTP API consumers.

The POST <small_app>/slide_data response format has changed. Now, the data array is nested under the data property. The response looks like: {     "data": <data array>,     "meta": <other useful information>   }

  • The <small_app>/comments response properties slightly changed: slide_name has been renamed story_name and _id.$oid is now just id.

New features


  • On phones, sparklines are zoomed on touch for easier exploration
  • Waterfall: a minimum width is applied to bars when drilling
  • Heatmap: custom square sizes are capped on mobile, to ensure a nice display
  • Bulletchart: highlight only the label, not the bar


  • Shipping now uses ansible v2.7.8


  • New design during story edition! Placeholders for charts, filters and requesters are slicker.
  • Handle invalid default for checkboxes filter
  • In dataset viewer, extra whitespaces are correctly displayed, and are underline so you won’t miss them anymore


  • “Add to home screen” helper on Safari mobile: we now incitate with a popup iOS mobile users to install the app on their home screen
  • Performance: code has been greatly modularized, so users loads only charts and feature they actually need across their navigation in a small app
  • Performance: requesters values are deduplicated by our back-end, so users only fetch once the available choices (this can greatly reduce the amount of loaded data)

Bug fixes


  • Timeline: better display on mobile with many events
  • Landscape mode: works correctly in Safari (iOS) standalone mode
  • Horizontal barchart: entering animation has been rework so bars appears from the bottom without colliding existing ones
  • Tablechart: bullet column commonScale option is true by default
  • Tablechart: expanded images appear on click
  • Horizontal barchart: adjust variation legend and sparkline legend
  • Mapchart: Remove previous data from legend when empty data is selected

New home

  • Tile image: images are now centered


  • Redis cache can now be hosted anywhere (used to be hardcoded to localhost)
  • Max number of celery workers is now configurable again


  • Chart properties configurable in dropdown (like sort) can be toggled with a checkbox
  • Applying multiple filtering/renaming transformation to a dataset now correctly updates its query in the side panel
  • Assets upload information is correctly displayed on Firefox
  • Prevent the filter key to be added to requesters config when editing them in the studio
  • Story visibility on studio works with all types of reports
  • Suggestions for dataset and column names are back when editing value tiles


  • Requesters: the default id contains only authorized characters (no hyphens)
  • Stackedbarchart (vertical mode): bar width correctly adapt to data changed
  • Stackedbarchart: prevent packs overlap
  • Home: prevent tiles to overlap with the menu gutter on the left

New documentation available

  • Method chapter : run a Toucan project like a Pro with tips and tools for a successful project
  • Filters vs Requesters : learn everything about them and how to use templating