Weekly release issued on October 23rd, 2020.


App Owner

We are very proud to introduce a new user role : the App owner 🎉. As a App Owner, I can invite people on my application and manage users at the application level. Stay tuned with the next monthly release note to learn more about this awesome new feature.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Requesters :: Multiple views :: poc new ui multiple views with fork vue multiselect
  • Requesters :: Multiple views :: add schema option to expand or collapse multiselect groups
  • Trial app :: remove nav action button in example chapter
  • Specifiers :: Units editor :: add checkbox to handle spacing between value and unit
  • Specifiers :: Precision editor :: add scientific K format to presets
  • Specifiers :: Sentiment editor :: allow sentiment config from another column
  • Data :: UX :: make columns resizable
  • Charts :: Gantt :: allow custom series colors
  • User Management :: add user invitation to the home page


  • Export :: Annotate and share :: prevent annotate and share tab to close when clicking on a modal
  • Collaboration :: MS Teams :: add confirm message when sending teams comment
  • Collaboration :: MS Teams :: enable screenshot in the teams comments
  • Collaboration :: MS Teams :: add loader to annotate and share dropdown channels when loading
  • Home :: Send home :: disable download in firefox
  • Charts :: Waterfallchart :: init chart with chartSelection if provided
  • Charts :: Bubblechart :: init chart with chartSelection if provided

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Requesters :: do not override hierarchy when updating query
  • Requesters :: exclude rows outside hierarchy
  • Data :: Prepared datasets :: exclude live data in initial domain selector
  • Data :: fix row count for hierarchical datasets
  • Permissions :: groupless users can be previewed
  • Permissions :: restore checkboxes and small integration stuff
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: hide packs and packsorder in tablechart as it isn’t implemented yet
  • Requesters :: value should be set in URL properly


  • Home :: Send home :: display the whole button text
  • General :: Navigation :: fix hover color in nav menu action icons
  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: fix mobile display of legend with variation
  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: improve total value display in vertical mode
  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: align right at init when defaultSelected is last
  • Collaboration :: MS Teams :: fix comment modal dropdown height
  • Requesters :: Multiple views :: fix unselect value from the tags

New documentation available

  • Tuto :: Connectors :: add http connector’s tutorial
  • Tuto :: Connectors :: add ROK connector’s tutorial
  • Tuto :: Mapchart :: add markers with sentiment steps


  • Tucana v78.0.7:
    • fix(exports): date selection should be independent of timezone
  • Tucana v78.0.6:
    • fix(home-preview): overflow when printing
  • Tucana v78.0.5:
    • fix(home actions): Show “Send home” button in expanded menu when no pdf or datawall is present
    • fix(hbarchart): ensure order of children is kept
  • Tucana v78.0.4:
    • fix(tile): Tile heatmap display
    • fix(chart): crossfilter selection from url
    • fix(gantt): Custom colors
  • Tucana v78.0.1:
    • fix(admin): operate the toggle on filtered users only
    • fix(tc-params): allow mixpanel proxy configuration on-premise
    • fix(teams modal): Dropdown display on mobile
    • fix(checkboxes-filter): make include none work when a default value is set
  • Laputa v78.0.7:
    • fix(templates): add thumbnail asset
  • Laputa v78.0.5:
    • fix(analytics): PDF report & query tiles
  • Laputa v78.0.1:
    • fix(migration lastview): use date field if last_login is a dict
    • feat(analytics): add user groups view and PDF report