v54.2.0: Black Uranium Shark

Weekly release issued on 01/10/2019.


Hierarchical views

Toucan’s mission is to deliver data & insights to non technical people by creating a media around the data. We aim to distribute content through all existing channels and anyone.

We are proud to announce that the executive summary and the datawall are now available with the appRequesters, and therefore on new homes 🔥

New features

Data Storytellers

  • General :: UX :: Adds the possibility to use groups in the checkboxes dropdown of the form builders


  • General :: Embed :: Split scss to avoid impacting the design of the site hosting the embed

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Requesters :: Update requester form builder
  • Charts :: Sentiments :: Fix interface display
  • General :: Update error message display
  • General :: Remove duplicated Chart Type input from chart options form
  • Demo :: Revome subchapter in boilerplate


  • Charts :: HB uses recycleColors, prefer recycleColors to persistentGroupColors in others
  • General :: Possibility to logout when connected with a public user

New documentation available

  • Other :: add financial display for precision specifier


  • Laputa v54.2.1 (September 25th):
  • get connectors config by alias