Weekly release issued on September 2nd, 2021.


PDF Report with tiles and titles

You can now add tiles to your PDF. You’ll be able to simply choose those that should be displayed in your strategic documents, just like you do with stories! We also added section titles to help you better contextualize and structure your PDF. These features are also available for your Datawall 📺


MyPersonalReport™ is Toucan’s Self Service brick. It allows end-users to build their own personal dashboard with their favorite stories and tiles in a Toucan App. You’ll be able to create it in the Home Action Menu. Then, you can easily drag&drop stories or tiles and resize them. You can also remove them from your personal dashboard if needed.

Dates & Time zones

In order to keep consistency across Toucan Apps, even for end users in different time zones, dates in Toucan are now shown without any time zone. The App Builder will be able to decide to display the raw dates or adapt them to the time zone of the end user.


(Visual Query Builder) - Trim Step Our Visual Query Builder is open source! Which means our partners can contribute to it by adding features, and we’re super glad about that. This month, we’re thanking Charles Rangheard whose feature Trim Step will allow you to clean extra white spaces! 🎉

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Embed :: enable export data of stories in the dashboard
  • Charts :: Linechart :: always display first and last values of the x axis of the linechart
  • YouPrep™ :: Add warning when over 10k
  • Notifications :: Pdf report :: Send to Teams
  • Notifications :: Pdf report :: Custom row title

Bug fixes


  • Charts :: Use UTC date utils for axis ticks
  • Charts :: Apply default value sort value for leaderboard
  • AnyConnect™ :: Can completly remove query field
  • YouPrep™ :: Display warning for live data