v57.0.0 : Mauve Brass Parrot

Weekly release issued on November 8th, 2019.


Manage who sees what

In Toucan, you have two ways of controlling access to content: you can apply permissions at data level, or visibility at design level 🔐. And all of this from a super friendly interface 🔥

Permissions A permission is a security filter applied on data to make sure all users have only access to data they need, and no more. Use our awesome interface to set this in no time!

Visibility Visibility is just a design rule to display or not a tile, chapter, subchapter or story. It takes only a few seconds to do that from the Studio!

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Bulk user creation

Discover our auto-generated template to create many users at once! Just fill out the blanks

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bulk create

New features

Data Storytellers

  • General :: Permissions :: Restyling of the list
  • General :: Permissions :: Adapt preview to selected permissions in the list
  • General :: Permissions :: Integrate add/edit permission form
  • General :: Permissions :: Activate set permissions button in data explorer
  • Home :: Visibility :: Add visibility editor to home categories
  • Users :: Improve create users by bulk


  • Home :: Hierarchical dropdown :: Clarify click outside selection behavior
  • Home :: Hierarchical dropdown :: Display last level in tags

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • General :: Permissions :: permit to close the dropdown to select authorized values
  • General :: HKPI :: Fix default selected dataset in editor
  • Legacy :: Can create embed with legacy home


  • UX :: View selector :: Adjust view selector height button in header
  • Tiles :: Image :: Fix linkTo arrow position
  • Charts :: LCA :: Add translation to average
  • General :: ExecSum :: Fix date display

New documentation available

  • Advanced Options :: Analytics :: update page
  • Charts :: Mapchart :: Restore discover mapchart documentation
  • Security :: SSO :: Update doc about the compute_username function
  • General :: Permissions :: Create new documentation for row level security
  • Manage users :: update bulk creation