v43.1.0: Blue Plastic Hammer

Minor release issued on Novemer 28th, 2018.

Bug fixes

  • Charts
  • Add white background under packs for tidier effect
  • Legend option in bulletchart schema
  • EstimateValueWidth with empty data
  • Data preprocessing
  • Requirements with redis
  • Studio
  • Update new-mapchart schema
  • Miss Parameter in Slide Visibility Manager
  • Prevent dataset cells to take to much space vertically
  • Scroll on studio parameters editors
  • UX
  • Standardize source font on tiles
  • Sheet Overflow
  • Checkboxes and Error Message on Uplod Data Source

New features

  • Charts
  • Vertical StackedBarchart :: total and dynamic width
  • Data preprocessing
  • Scheduler: force pipeline validation
  • Amelios scheduler
  • Celery worker stats
  • Prepare for next versions of python
  • Migrate the front config’s slides from “hidden: true” to “visibility: false”
  • Shipping
  • Container - add tail process
  • Studio
  • Allow expressions in the configurations of slide visibility
  • New home linkTo
  • Improve forms rendering in studio
  • Add new glossary term to current slide

New documentation available

  • No More Hidden : Welcome Visiblity !