v43.2.0: Rye Red Beard

Minor release issued on December 5th, 2018.

Bug fixes

  • Charts
  • First label in leaderboard tile is not cropped anymore
  • Fix value positioning and total height of bars on new-stackedbarchart, in vertical mode
  • Bottom-right filter doesn’t hide a part of the leaderboard (and can now be scrolled under)
  • Data preprocessing
  • Avoid crash when data sources with multiple files have an invalid modification date
  • Clean old metadata (domain last update, shape, etc.) when preprocessing
  • Studio
  • Closing a new data source without saving actually removes this data source
  • Story visibility appear updated in the story menu when edited
  • Units and precision can be edited correctly in tiles
  • Accept numbers, booleans and null values in labelsOrder and groupsOrder
  • UX
  • Alignment of create project button in small apps store
  • Miscellaneous
  • Migration should migrate staging and production separately, and also push it to github (this is the issue we sent you an email about last week)
  • On backend side, prevent websocket daemon to log errors when auth token makes no sense

New features

  • Charts
  • Interpolated vales in tiles are now formatted with their precision and unit
  • Shipping
  • Include default connectors for on-premises installations
  • Studio
  • Sentiment configuration right from the dataset
  • UX
  • New menu access bar on small app home
  • Blur effect on small app home when scrolling below the title
  • General
  • Support of OpenID Connect auth providers
  • Miscellaneous
  • Update Toucan SDK

New documentation available

  • Data preprocessing
  • Postprocess: drop_duplicates
  • On-premises
  • Refresh of requirements section
  • Tutorials
  • Markers on world