v48.0.0: Adventurous Colorful Kereru

Minor release issued on April 3rd, 2019. 🌑 Welcome the new operations toolbar 🌑

Breaking changes


Breaking Change : Operation Toolbar. New and better way to manage and understand operations.

Bug fixes


  • Dockerfile :: fix repository


  • Charts :: Bulletchart now uses value precision on the axis ticks
  • Charts :: Mouse users on Windows can now scroll the heatmap easily
  • Charts :: Fix display of Openstreetmap tiles in the mapchart


  • Build :: upgrading the gulp-iconfont package
  • Refactoring :: remove the notion of multiple data providers
  • Tech :: Fix :: remove unused iscroll library
  • Cleaning :: Remove unused code and clean listener
  • Embed :: Refacto template parser

New features


  • Charts :: charts with defaultSelected options use the getDefaultSelected option
  • Charts :: add sparkline zoom to the bullet-chart
  • Tiles :: The style option is now available for the new-home


  • Mobile :: display a clue to switch to landscape mode on mobile when info is hidden

New documentation available

  • Sysadmin :: add new microsoft.com network dependency