Weekly release issued on October 2nd, 2020.


App thumbnail

With this week release you can now choose to have a dedicated image for your app in the app store. Your app background can be different from the image showing in the app store.

You can read more about it right here.

Color Picker

From the color scheme menu, you can now choose your app color by using a color picker 🎨

Color picker

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Mapchart :: Allow the conceptor to add custom sentiment labels
  • Charts :: Heatmap :: Add a default selected option
  • General :: App Store :: Dedicated thumbnail asset
  • General :: Color scheme :: Add validation on color input
  • General :: Color scheme :: Uniformize error design
  • Data :: Prepared datasets :: Prevent failing queries to be saved and warn users about intended use
  • Tiles :: Score-card :: Add labels-order option
  • General :: Home :: Add suggestions on asset input for background image
  • Tiles :: Tile editor :: Add suggestions on asset input
  • General :: Color Scheme :: Add color picker in color scheme


  • Charts :: Gantt :: Add event date in legend compact mode (mobile)
  • Charts :: Barlinechart :: Improve readability for bars and lines with the same series
  • Data :: Date range filter :: Compute ranges from custom date of reference
  • General :: Navigation :: Remove empty chapters from navigation menu

Bug fixes

Data Storytellers

  • Charts :: Stackedbarchart :: Add missing new-stackedbarchart to list of charts
  • Data :: Prepared datasets :: Display error messages when query fails
  • Data :: Prepared datasets :: Prevent failing queries to be saved and warn users about intended use
  • General :: Config-files :: Do not display github link if remote is not set
  • Charts :: Versuschart :: Set zeroBaseline to 0 by default
  • General :: Resize code editor when necessary
  • Color :: Sentiment :: Apply theme color to sentiment editor
  • General :: Assets :: Download the proper file for identity assets
  • Data :: VQB variables :: Separate additional panel requesters and story requesters
  • Requesters :: Hierarchical requester :: Keep children options when using parent as default value


  • General :: Annotate and share :: Disable submit button when sending the capture
  • General :: Comments :: Do not send the same comment twice on multiple clicks

New documentation available

  • Trial :: New trial app
  • Demo app :: Add mapchart examples for thresholds and sentiments
  • Demo app :: Migrate legacy stackedbarchart examples


  • Laputa v75.0.1:
    • fix(thumbnail): migration should be resilient
  • Tucana v75.0.5:
    • fix(templating): use string templating when there is more than one variable in string
    • fix: preprocess file when a datasource is uploaded with automatic preprocess activated
  • Tucana v75.0.1:
    • fix(stacked bar chart): random bar alignment issue
    • fix(radarchart): camelCase axis selection event