Monthly release to be issued on April 28th, 2021.

New features

Data Storytellers

  • Studio :: Added button to delete crossfilter
  • Charts :: Tablechart :: Make the header grey
  • Charts ::Tablechart :: New sentiment row
  • Charts :: Barchart :: Add an option to disable zoom on barlinechart and barchart
  • YouPrep™ :: Enable to filter with date requesters
  • Embed :: Apply custom colors on iframe
  • Studio :: Add the new specifiers modal into tiles
  • Studio :: Charts Options :: Drill on labels new UI
  • AnyConnect™ :: Snowflake :: rework snowflake editor design
  • Embed :: Dashboard Builder :: Lazyload dashboard items
  • User Management :: Work on the bulk upload for guest users

Bug fixes


  • Notifications :: Pdf report :: Paginated rendering
  • Embed :: Use sanitize html in embed
  • Upload datasources :: Add date to column validation data_types
  • Charts :: Barelinechart :: Make the ‘domain’ option works for bars

Self-Hosted Breaking changes


The MongoDB backend migrates from 4.2 to 4.4

Please refer to the official documentation your Toucan Toco stack.

If you a use docker-compose stack, you only need to update the version of the MongoDB image and as an admin of the service, just launch:

    setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: '4.4'